Palazzo Valmarana-Braga (Section)

Le Fabriche e Disegni d'Andrea Palladio 1776-1783

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Gaetano Vichi Del. Cristoforo Dall’acqua Sculp .Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi 1719-1790

[n.d. c1796.]

Original engraving. . Plate 262 x 402mm. 10¼ x 15¾ˮ.Excellent  condition, Large Margins, laid paper. A good clean print, rare in this condition. After Andrea Palladio (Italian architect, 1508-1580); Ottavio Bertotti-Scamozzi (Italian author and draftsman, 1719-1790)

Pub: Giovanni Rossi: Vicenza, Veneto, Italy            (Inscribed: Tom3 in Corner)

Palazzo Valmarana-Braga; Section – A set of three prints (Plan- Elevation & Section all available on request)

This print is part of Palladio's works for an international, especially English, market began in 1770, when Pietro Edwards first discussed it with Bertotti Scamozzi, the scholar Antonio Locatelli and probably also the collector and patron John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute. The aim of the project was to clarify Palladio's ideas for his admirers and imitators, to solve problems of attribution and reconstruction of incomplete or destroyed works, and to resolve the question of the difference between Palladio's completed buildings and those shown in the plates of his treatise I quattro libri. Bertotti Scamozzi erroneously viewed the drawings in I quattro libri as plans representing Palladio's original wishes. He therefore undertook a philological analysis aiming to restore the 'old.


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