The Great Jewish Sanhedrim Court

Copperplate engraving by: George Aikman , Edin.r Publisher: Alexander Hill, Print-sellers to her Majesty and the London Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews, 3 Chatham Place, Blackfriars, London.

Sales price: £150.00

Description: Large hand-coloured engraving, comprising of 5 central images surrounded by 64 small images. The main images are listed as:-

  1. The Great Jewish Sanhedrim Court of the Temple sitting in their Council Chamber called Gezith Judging Our Saviour.
  2. Hebrew Tablet held by Moses & Aaron, guarded by the Angel of the Covenant.
  3. Burning and scaling The Holy Temple by the Romans
  4. King Solomon’s Temple and Courts with Ancient Jerusalem from the East.
  5. The Encampment of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in Twelve Armies before Mt. Sinal

Entered Stationers Hall 1851 Edinburgh, Edited for the proprietors in English & Hebrew by W. Aldis Orientalist and sold by A. Hill.

Alexander Hill, Princes Street, Edinburgh 1828-1840 Booksellers and from 1847 as Printsellers and Publishers to the Queen and was officially appointed colourman of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Materials: paper

Condition: in need of extensive restoration, browning paper ageing, brittle, edges chipped and torn, splits and tears, all text is readable and none is missing. Colours are good. Back of print has old Sellotape  repairs, foxing and staining.   Very Rare.

Overall Size: 43 cm x 57 cm     ( 17” x 22½“ )

Image Size: 33 cm x 39 cm     ( 13” x 15¼“ )

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