A Topas or mardick with his Wife

Nieuhof, Johannes (1618-1672)

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Copper plate engraving, [c.1744]

London, Translated and published by A & J Churchill in 1703

Description: good engraving of man and woman with child, “A Topas or Mardick with his Wife.” These plates were used in several publications and various plate marks are visible, also some have been removed. Very decorative engraving.

(i.e. Betwixt P3**-3** P.) This was due to editions being printed in various languages before being finally printed in English by A&J Churchill.

Condition: Very Good. Surface rubbed, Offset plate, lesser defects.

Overall Size:       33  x  24,5 cm      13¾ ” x 8½“

Ex. Norman Blackburn Collection.

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