Meg Merrilies

The Scott Gallery of Portraits No. 14

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Del & Lith by M. O’Conner [N.D. c.1847]

Lithograph printed by T. Goyder, 30,Farringdon Street

Published By: T. Pewtress67, Newington Causeway & Ackermann & Co.96, Strand.

Description: a woman holding a broken branch is the picture with the following poem below:


“And now e’en ride ride your ways said the Gypsey

for these are the last words ye’ll ever hear Meg Merrilies speak, and this is the last reise

that I’ll ever cut in the bonny woods of Ellangawan.”

So saying she broke the sapling she held in her hand, and flung it into the road. Margaret of Anjou, bestowing on her triumphant foes her keen. Edged malediction could not have turned from them with a gesture more proudly contemptuous.

Vide Guy Mannering.

Note: On April 23, 1445, Margaret of Anjou married Henry VI of England and Shakespeare immortalized the image of a transgressive Margaret: a harlot and a harridan who both betrayed and ruled her weak and ineffectual husband, Henry VI; a vengeful she-wolf who could place a paper crown on York's head to mock his royal claim before stabbing him with her own hand.

“She-wolf of France, but worse than wolves of France...

Women are soft, mild, pitiful, and flexible;

Thou stern, obdurate, flinty, rough, remorseless.”  (Henry VI, Part III,Shakespeare)


Condition: very good.  Clear lithograph with some handling marks. Printed on heavy cream paper.

Image Size:         20  x  16 cm      8” x 5¾”

Overall Size:       29 x 20 cm

Ex. Norman Blackburn Collection.

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