The Sound of the Horn !

James Gillray (Printmaker 1756-1815)

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Published: 1st December 1807 by H. Humphrey 27 St. James Street

Full Text: “The Sound of the Horn !  or  the Danger of Riding an Old Hunter.”

Description:  While crossing a ford the horse rears and snorts throwing a the two riders on its back off balance, as the lady falls backwards she is gashed on her ample bare thigh by the gentleman’s spurs. The Frogs in the water look up in astonishment.  Original coloured early engraving from James Gillray accepted as the best English Caricaturist, who worked exclusively for Humphries from the 1790’s This early example showing the frogs which in later reprints disappeared. Being from the original plate this has fine detailing, the colouring has faded with time but still this has to be in a different class to later prints.

Hinge mounted in Acid free Mount board and Framed – See Photo’s

Glass will be replaced with Acrylic if Posted.

Condition: Good condition, fine print detail, trimmed inside plate marks to fit an old Hogarth Frame from which this has been rescued, colours faded, browning of paper.

Plate/Image:                      22,5 cm x 32 cm                 ( 9” x  12½”)

Overall Size in Frame:        46 cm x 55 cm                    ( 18” x 21½“)

BM Ref:  1868,0808.7606

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