Winter 2013

Stunning Prints!

We love decorative prints, etchings, engravings, lithographs or watercolours and we enjoy handling these original prints you can buy many reproductions all cleaned up, squared and digitally re-mastered but nothing beats having the originals.

As is the case here, we have our latest additions, 11 lithographs from the hand of Achille Devéria (1800 – 1857) a French painter and lithographer. Often known for his more erotic work Devéria was a successful illustrator and produced many lithographs for notebooks and albums. This set in which he used his vignette style, which influenced many of his lithographs, that is to surround the image or overlay decorative artwork thus enhancing it overall. This group of young ladies are all in their traditional costume and each surrounded by a garland of flowers appropriate to the country they come from.

 Russian lady with snowdrops     Chinese lady with camelias  










Don’t you agree these have tremendous potential you can find them listed under our decorative section?


Continuing on with this decorative theme we have added some La Vie Parisienne cover prints, these look great anywhere and are great presents.  Do remember these are original magazine covers not just inkjet copies so they come with printing on the back and some with minor faults due to use and age. Show below are two examples one mounted in modern frame and one in an old picture frame, having repainted it we then added a very small marginal mount to fit the frame and cover the edges.


ladies with union jack and French flag          young lady wearing a bowler hat         young girl catching crustaceans 





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