A St-Giles's Beauty

J.H. Benwell pinx. F. Bartolozzi sculp.

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St. Giles Beauty; Pub: 8th Sept. 1783 by E.M. Diemar, No.377 Strand.   [1783].

Stipple and etching, printed in dark brown ink with hand-colouring.  Faint water staining  in upper left quarter of print otherwise very good, paper ageing,  Trimmed small margins but fine for framing.

Print made by Francesco Bartolozzi after John Hodges Benwell

Oval portrait thought to be of Elizabeth Burrough,  a half- length profile of a young lady wearing a white lace cap with blue ribbon tied around it.

Bibliographic Ref. [Calabi + De Vesme 1290]

BM Reg. 1940,1109.48                  

Plate 253 x 190mm. 9¾ x 7½ˮ .Paper.

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